Salt Room

Salt Room

Halotherapy, or breathing in of salt vapor, takes the healing properties of salt into the respiratory system. Dry salt therapy is a NATURAL detoxification for your airways and skin. “Halo”, coming from the Greek word for salt, Halotherapy is the use of vapor utilizing micro particles of salt to promote optimal health and wellness.


Here are some of the MANY benefits of a salt room:

• Strengthen Immune System

• Improves Emotional Health & Reduces Stress, Anxiety and Depressions, SAD

• Helps You Sleep Better and Snoring

• Improves Respiratory and Sinus Problems

• Helps Skin Issues-Psoriasis and eczema

• Reduces Inflammation in airways

• Reduces Allergies/Asthma

• Eliminate Toxins

• Balance PH Levels

• Detox for Your Lungs


Relaxation and Meditation

Himalayan salt naturally creates negative ions, and most of us are in need of them to counterbalance the positive ions. Halotherapy provides us with high concentration of negative ions to neutralize the atmosphere and body. When we inhale these negative ions, it can balance our mood, enhance emotional health, decrease stress and heal the body.