Salt Room

Halotherapy, or breathing in of salt vapor, takes the healing properties of salt into the respiratory system. Dry salt therapy is a NATURAL detoxification for your airways and skin. “Halo”, is from the Greek word for salt and Halotherapy is the use of vapor utilizing micro particles of salt to promote optimal health and wellness.

Salt room treatment has been shown to help with the following ailments:

• Strengthens Immunune systems

• Anxiety, Emotional Health, Stress, Depression and SAD can all be relieved with salt room therapy.

• Snoring and sleep issues can be addressed with salt room sessions.

• Improved respiratory and sinus problems are common reasons for salt room visits.

• Skin and psoriasis and eczema will show improvement with dry salt sessions.

• Reduces inflammation of airways and symptons of asthma and allergies.

• A general reduction of toxins and overall feeling of well-being is often felt after salt room visits.

• Internal PH balance can be maintained with halotherapy. 

• Relaxation and Meditation.

Our Himalayan Salt Room naturally rebalances the ions in your body. We are constantly bombarded with positive ions from our environment, but a session of Halotherapy can help conteract these effects and restore your natural ion balance. A short treatment in our salt room will be sure to enhance your emotional health and decrease stress. 

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