Pricing Plan

Pricing Plan

Biogenie All Body Rejuvenation Therapy 
Takes about 1 hour and 30 minutes.
  •  One Treatment                       ($160)
  •  Packages of 3                         ($390)
  •  Packages of 5                         ($639)



Men's Upper Body   
Includes the arms, stomach and back. Takes about 1 hour
  •  One Treatment                        ($100)


Alpha Fuzion Dry Heat Sauna Pod
Relax and renew while you burn calories, stimulate your metabolism, detoxify, and relieve pain.
Detoxification, Relaxation and Pain Relief Session - 40 minutes.   
  • One Treatment        ($35)
  • Package of 4            ($125)


Weight Loss and Cellulite Session (also includes detoxification and pain relief) - 40 minutes

  • One Treatment       ($45)
  • Package of 4           ($162) 
Alpha Fuzion Sauna Pod and Detox Foot Soak Combo 
Includes Detox Sauna Pod and Detox Foot Soak.
  • One Treatment    ($70)       
Ionized Detoxing Foot Soak
Draw the toxins & impurities out of your body through ionization. Relieves pain & tension, improves sleep, balance ph levels, rejuvenates & enewrgizes, can assist in weight loss.
  • One Treatment                                                ($35)
  • Add a foot soak to another service       ($25)   
  • Package of 10 Detoxing Foot Soak       ($199)
New You Package  
3 Biogenie All Body Rejuvenating Therapy Sessions and  4 Weightloss Alpha Fuzion Sauna Pod Treatments.
  • Includes all services listed above (New You Package)        ( $552.00)


Salt Room

Halotherapy, or breathing in of salt vapor, takes the healing properties of salt into the respiratory system. Dry salt therapy is natural detoxification for you airways and skin. "Halo", coming from the Greek word for salt, Halotherapy is the use of vapor utilizing micro particles of salt to promote optimal health and wellness.

  • One Session                  ($30)
  • 3 Sessions                     ($80)
  • 5 Sessions                     ($119)
  • 10 Sessions                   ($199)


My- Lipo Light Body Scultping Treatment

Each session will include a 20 minute my lipo-light
session and a 30 minute sauna pod session to follow.
  • Single Sessions - 80.00
  • Package of 4        299.00
  • Package of 8       525.00
  • Add a session to your sauna pod 35.00
See up to one dress size in just 8 visits.
Recommended protocal is  2 sessions a week for 4 weeks. Then wait one week and we can focus on a new area if desired.
We recommend a healthy diet and exercise to enhance and maintain the treatments and lots of water.
Prices do not included sales tax      
All package sales are final and no refunds will be given.