Frequently Asked Questions


After the treatment?

After the treatment we recommend a lot of water, 8-10 glasses. We also recommend a good diet and exercise to enhance and maintain the results. 


Anything to prepare?

We recommend a lot of water before the treatment, 8-10 glasses a couple of days before and no lotion on your body the day of the treatment. 


Are there side effects?

There are no side effects, just more energy. You can resume normal activities. 


What is a Biogenie?

Biogénie all body rejuvenation therapy sessions provide a deep tissue massage with non-invasive attachment instruments that will detoxify and energize the body, increase metabolism, may aid in weightloss, may also help with the elasticity of the skin which would occur as a result of elimination of the fluids stored around the fat tissue.


What to expect ?

We provide everything you will need during the treatment and will move around your body like a massage, keep you covered and draped


What to expect from Salt Room?

Salt Room The Himalayan salt room can hold up to 4 people at a time. We try to keep your session private, but know that you may be in a session with people you don't know. The sessions are 45 mins long. You don't have to wear anything specific unless you have a skin condition you are looking to relieve symptons of, then expose those areas within reason. The room is about 80 degrees, its warm, but not hot.