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The Biogénie Body Contouring System is your best long term solution for non-surgical liposuction. It will minimize volume, fluid retention, cellulite and lift, contour and define your silhouette.

Harnessing the power of Cellular Electro-Aesthetics, Biogénie Body treatments deliver detoxifying micro-currents directly to cellular fluids and fat cells. Fats are emulsified, pumped out, and magnetically driven to the lymphatic system where it is filtered and permanently eliminated through natural means. Thus both the aqueous and fatty origins of cellulite are dealt with.

The benefits from the Biogénie Body Treatments far exceed the most popular ~ inch loss & cellulite removal. Clients have testified to stretch marks diminishing and eventually removed, increased circulation, enhanced energy levels, reduction in scar markings, and a multitude of anti-aging benefits.

Biogénie Body Treaments reduce cellulite as well as tighten, tone and define the body ~ the latest tool and proven process for targeted volume loss and cellulite reduction. Biogénie offers the most technologically advanced methods in reducing unwanted cellulite that lifts, tightens and firms ones silhouette. Biogénie employs all natural products that restore nutrients into the skin that are lost thru aging, sun exposure and general environment. These restoring products replenish the skins natural elasticity promoting healthy skin and shaping ones body to a more desired silhouette.

Bio Visage facial contouring is Biogénie's non-surgical face lift. Detoxifying microcurrents clean up the cellular fluids that feed your skin and begin to immediately improve and brighten ones complexion. The second phase of microcurrents tone and firm the skin giving the patient a visible lift as well as reducing fine lines and wrinkles all while slimming and defining facial contours to restore a youthful appearance. The microcurrents increase cellular metabolism and will continue to biostimulate and improve the facial skin for a period of 21 days post-treatment.