Biogenie FAQs

Q. What are typical results?
A. You may expect immediate volume and inch loss, and less cellulite.

Q. How many treatments will I need and how far apart should they be?
A. The number of treatments as well as the time interval between treatments depends upon your personal body contour goals. Treatments can be as frequent as every 48 hours, however, after one treatment, your body's metabolism is increased for 21 days.

Q. Will I feel any electrical currents or any type of pain?
A. No, you do not feel the application of micro-currents. You do feel the pumping and vacuuming action during the Bio-remodeling phase of your body treatment, which is painless. Since it is incorporated with lymphatic drainage massage, most people tend to relax to the point of falling asleep.

Q. How long do the results last?
A. Essentially, the longevity of your results will depend upon your personal lifestyle choices of nutrition and exercise. Each body is different and thus, responds differently, but all lose inches. You can expect to keep your inches off permanently unless you choose a sedentary lifestyle that will build new fat cells.

Q. Is there anything I can do before, during and after treatments to enhance my results?
A. Drinking plenty of water, staying away from high-fat foods, and watching sodium intake levels is a start. As previously mentioned, your metabolism is going to be increased for 21 days post treatment. Because water is a natural detoxicant for your body, you will continue to burn calories and fat and drinking plenty of water will enhance your results.

Q. Anything that I need to know for treatment days?
A. There are no special requirements, however, it may be beneficial to not wear lotion on treatment days. Skin needs to be clean and free of any products so that the products used with the treatments can have the fullest advantage possible.

Q. Are the treatments safe?
A. Absolutely! They are not only safe, but extremely beneficial for your body to rid itself of the fat and clean out your lymphatic system. Microcurrent therapy has been around for years. It is used in Medi-Spa's in Europe. The microcurrent is nothing you will even feel and has no negative effects on your body.

Q. What can I expect during the treatment?
A. You can expect to be comfortable & relaxed during your treatment. The process is similar to that of getting a massage. The process begins with taking your before measurements, which is important to know exactly how many inches were lost during the process. After your measurements are taken you will be made comfortable under the blankets on the massage table. Then we will begin with the 2 phases of detoxification for the entire body. After the detoxification phases, we will begin the Bio-remodeling phase of the treatment. This is the most important phase of the treatment, this is when the fats are emulsified and moved to the Lymphatic system to be processed and eliminated naturally from the body. During the entire process you will be under the blankets & only the part of the body being worked will be uncovered. After all 3 phases of the treatment have been completed we will take your after measurements & calculate your total inches lost!